This WILL pass

Everything will changeā€¦ and, it already has. Everything is always changing. Every object. Every structure. Every person. Every thought. Every concept. Every predicament. Every event. Every emotion. Every feeling. Every idea. Every belief. Everything will pass.

Strange, Scary, Stupid

So, from me to me (for when I forget to listen to rational Emma), and from me to you, here is my pretty boring advice on dealing with mental health right now:

Who am I?

I’d like to be defined by my family… my friends. My laughter. I’d like to define myself by my kindness to others, and my care. My unbreakable hope, in life and love. And, most importantly, I’d like to value myself.

Trust me (no, REALLY)

The biggest 5 letter word I know… Trust is terrifying. Trust is difficult. Trust is frightening. Trust is shit. Trust is open. Trust is honest. And? Trust is hope.

Unapologetically ME

So with 2020 comes even more ME. Even more Emma. I’m aspiring to be unapologetically, authentically and sarcastically Emma (sorry not sorry).